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Discover the Power of AI Blueprints

Most AI “hacks” focus around perfecting the perfect prompt … something we’ve come to the conclusion doesn’t exist over several months.  So, we took a different approach.  

Instead of working on the perfect prompt, we set out to figure our the perfect process.

And after months in the lab … we did exactly that.  We figured out how to wrap a repeatable methodology around a process.  

A collection of prompts, put together in the right order, with the right vocabulary that “forced” chatGPT to follow our process, step by step.

Its really quite simple … but incredibly powerful.

And now it can be yours!

How Do Blueprints Differ from "Perfect Prompts"

Blueprints wrap a series of prompts, allowing each step to build a part of your output. 1 command and you're up and running!

Prompts introduce a wealth of copy and paste, making them hard to replicate and impossible to use well on mobile

Blueprints let you effortlessly run your process again and again. Perfect for everyday tasks you need to do again and again.

Prompts require the same effort time after time leading to little efficiency on the tasks you do most often.

AI Blueprints = the awesomeness of chatGPT + the efficiency of a repeatable process

Real World Results!

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