February 1

0:00 Introduction
3:53 Making More Money with AI
10:42 Using GPT to Find Upsells and Downsells
12:23 House Notices
15:23 ROI Live Event and Alliance of Advisors
20:01 Custom GPT in 15 Minutes or Less Challenge
26:24 Defining Products and Services
29:23 Adding Mission, Vision, Values, and Staff Profiles
31:41 Importing Information into Custom GPT
38:11 Q&A
38:42 Connecting Multiple GPTs for Business Areas
44:06 Using GPTs for Personal Health and Fitness
49:17 Separate GPTs for Clients vs. One Company GPT
53:22 Wrap-up
55:16 Final Thoughts

February 8

7:01 What’s New in AI World
8:12 Memory Coming to ChatGPT
10:42 AI News Roundup
11:17 Meta to Flag AI-Generated Images
12:23 Getting Organized with AI
15:23 Reverse Engineering Tasks to Outcomes
16:38 Do It, Delegate It, Defer It Exercise
19:04 Recap of Productivity Exercises
20:01 House Notices
21:31 Custom GPT in 10 Minutes or Less Challenge
34:01 Collaborating with Multiple Personas
35:29 Starting with Basic Persona Information
37:10 Iterating and Refining Personas
38:42 Delegation and Scheduling with Org Chart GPT
40:32 Applying Personas in Solo Business
44:06 Publishing Custom GPTs to App Store
47:06 Sharing Custom GPTs with Team Members
49:17 Personas in Regulated Industries and Character Development
52:06 Difference in Script Interpretation Over Time

February 15

0:00 Music and Agenda Overview
0:58 Lightning Wins – Rick and Davey Share
3:53 What’s New in AI World
8:12 Memory Coming to ChatGPT
11:17 Multimodal Demo with Book Cover
15:22 Importance of Visual Data with ChatGPT
19:47 House Notices for Upcoming Event
21:38 Custom GPT in 5 Minutes or Less
29:23 Recap and Putting Instructions in Chat
31:41 Custom GPT ID and Client Content
36:20 BWAMP for Ideal Avatar
40:32 Client Interaction and IP Protection
44:06 Sensitive Topics and Censorship
49:17 Multiple GPTs for Business Aspects
52:06 PDF/Website Loading Issues
54:15 Accessing Claude AI in Canada
55:47 Final Thoughts and Wrap-Up

February 22

0:00 Introduction
1:17 Community Member Wins
4:30 Agenda
5:01 What’s New in AI This Week
10:42 Reverse Engineering with Top & Tailing and Personas
17:49 OpenAI’s New Video Creation Platform
19:14 Reverse Engineering a Facebook Ad
28:05 Creating a Custom GPT
41:00 Using Debug Mode in Custom GPTs
49:24 What to do if a GPT says it can’t browse the internet or access external websites
50:29 How is making a custom GPT different from using a regular GPT and giving it a persona?
53:12 Community member shares how they were able to apply learnings with their granddaughter

February 29

0:00 Introduction
5:01 What’s New in AI This Week
9:42 Comparing AI Tools: OpenAI, Claude, Perplexity
15:42 House Notes
18:56 Recommended Web Builder: Gamma
24:35 Q&A
29:46 Vodia and AI Call Centers
33:53 Microsoft Co-Pilot
38:22 AI for Email Management
41:09 AI Video Generation
43:55 Creating Pitch Decks with Gamma
50:28 Wrap-up

January 2024

January 4

0:00 Introduction – Saving time with AI automation
2:07 Trick: Generating testimonials using ChatGPT and 11Labs voice synthesis
4:38 Live Event Announcement and Recap Video
8:11 Increasing Business Metrics by 20% in Week Sprints
17:49 Applying the 20% Increase Strategy to Different Business Models
22:18 Importance of Tracking Metrics and Optimizing with AI
27:30 Building Automated Flows to Move Customers Through a Funnel
31:02 Using GoHighLevel vs Facebook Ads for Tracking Metrics
33:01 Other Uses of Text Automation Tools for Client Engagement
36:21 Getting Clients to Provide Phone Numbers for Text Reminders
41:03 Training AI About Your Unique Business
43:39 Best Tools for Transcribing Long Videos and Extracting Key Moments
46:21 Using Surveys and Giveaways as a Secondary Funnel
50:30 Generating Privacy Policies for Custom ChatGPT Apps

January 11

0:00 Introduction – Why Are We Doing This?
1:47 Facing Disruption and New Opportunities with AI
8:11 The 5×5 Framework for AI Implementation
14:53 Thin Slicing and Top & Tailing for Better AI Results
19:46 Five Use Cases for AI in Business
22:18 Example of Custom GPT for Real Estate Straight Line
25:58 Live Event Announcement (February 17-19)
29:36 Five Strategies for Prompting AI Effectively
39:28 Q&A
40:17 Avoiding job loss from AI by adapting skills
43:08 Generating leads with custom GPTs
44:49 Sharing custom GPTs and potential security measures
50:26 Other tools similar to OpenAI’s GPT Teams (e.g., Team-GPT)
56:21 Applying the 20/20 rule for increasing profit in real estate
58:54 Potential drawbacks of creating a custom GPT for a holistic doctor
1:05:12 Getting AI to provide answers without preamble by debugging instructions
1:09:13 Pros and cons of OpenAI’s Team plan and potential future capabilities

January 18

0:00 Introduction
4:38 Perplexity AI
10:26 Markdown and Typora Editor
12:26 Custom GPT Evolution and Live Event Announcement
18:17 Example of Custom GPT Instructions
30:28 Q&A
30:33 Generating leads with custom GPTs
35:01 Helping people with cancer using AI (community member’s daughter)
36:39 Tips for using Perplexity AI
37:35 Promoting custom GPTs and capturing leads
40:39 Replacing yourself as a coach with custom GPTs
46:33 Building a spreadsheet analysis GPT and creating APIs
51:49 What to prepare for the upcoming live event in February
55:12 Sharing custom GPTs and GPT-4 requirement
55:43 Using ChatGPT to sort through video content for relevant information

January 25

0:00 Introduction – Why Are We Doing This?
4:30 Google’s Lumiere Video Generation Platform
10:26 Thin Slicing and Nearest Neighbor Analysis in AI
17:49 How to Thin Slice for Better AI Results
22:18 House Notes
29:36 Gamma.app Presentation Tool Demo
36:23 Q&A
36:39 Can we do thin slicing in Gamma?
37:49 Will AA be able to analyze PowerPoint presentations or videos?
40:39 How to integrate AI with your calendar for project management? (Motion)
47:10 Will the AA introduction call on Monday be recorded?
48:06 How does Google’s Lumiere differ from Pika Labs for video generation?
50:26 Using custom instructions vs custom GPT for your AI persona
55:32 Wrap-up

December 2023

December 7th

0:00 Set aside time
3:37 Define your avatar
5:11 Generate a profile image for your avatar
11:57 Use Mid Journey for more realistic images
16:13 Generate multiple avatar variations at once
20:27 Ensure images are photorealistic
25:06 Image generation use cases
29:21 Using real photos vs AI-generated images
35:51 Using AI to generate food photos
41:21 Optimize websites with personalized avatars
44:01 Industry disruption from AI image generation
52:57 Finding past content on avatars
56:08 Announcing the next live event

December 14th
December 21th
December 29th

November 2023

November 2

00:00 Intro
07:03 Powerful Problem-Solving with AI Experts
13:48 Growing a Global Real Estate Business
18:09 Boosting Marketing and Sales Revenue
21:53 Building a Million-Dollar Lemonade Stand
24:49 Step-by-Step Instructions for Using Ava
31:58 Using Ava with Different AI Models
38:11 Storing and Reusing Complex AI Prompts
40:02 Overcoming AI Limitations for Legal Applications
45:49 Using AI for Personal Tasks and Planning
49:36 Accessing Ava Prompts and Notion Document
52:20 Searching Video Content with AI
53:35 Upcoming Live Event Details
54:40 Closing Remarks

November 9

00:00 Intro
03:06 OpenAI’s Dev Day Announcements
08:45 Using Custom GPTs for New Business Models
11:41 Generative AI is the Least Valuable Use Case
12:19 Using AI as a Tool vs. Treating it as an Intelligence
16:22 AI as the Ultimate Accelerant
17:31 Compounding is the Most Misunderstood Concept
24:49 Choose Your Highest Value Problem and Point AI at it
30:58 Introducing Playbooks
32:16 Playbook Example: Creating a Statement of Quality
36:57 Playbooks are Mini Blueprints
37:59 Using AI for Referrals and Bringing in Experts
43:10 Custom GPTs and Revenue Opportunities
44:47 Using ChatBase for Chatbots
50:44 Importance of Learning AI Basics for Job Security
55:40 Iron Sharpens Iron: Catching Up with AI Quickly

November 16

00:00 Intro
03:09 Custom GPTs: OpenAI’s New Feature
08:14 Potential Use Cases for Custom GPTs
11:41 Importance of Being an Early Adopter
14:35 Custom GPT Setup Walkthrough
22:56 Customizing GPT Responses with Instructions
30:58 Playbooks: Mini Blueprints
34:51 Voice-to-Voice Chat and Custom Instructions
43:10 Ashley Heiderman’s Success Story
47:05 Hiring Jade as a GPT Expert
50:44 Sharing Links and Content from the Mastermind
52:54 Troubleshooting Plugin Issues
54:49 Retention through Social Learning
56:33 Referring Websites in Custom GPTs
58:22 Creating Actions in Custom GPTs

November 23

04:36 AI Tools Maturing and Finding Their Value Propositions
08:27 Voice-to-Voice Conversations Between AI Models
10:34 Ultimate Business Analyst Tool: Problem-Solving with AI
17:54 Importance of Adopting Frameworks in Business
24:25 Using Frameworks in Ad Copy Generation
28:01 Diving Deeper into Business Problems with AI
33:06 Success Story: Accelerated Returns Using AI Strategies
36:19 Importance of Setting Time Aside for AI Integration
39:41 Considering Time Period of AI’s Training Data
43:10 Asking AI for Opposite Opinions and Percentage Likelihoods
47:05 Addressing Societal Impacts and Job Displacement from AI
51:19 Weekly Update from Jade: Exploring Custom GPTs
54:31 Introducing Jessica: Bringing AI to Human Transformation
57:03 Upcoming Live Event on 6X-ing Your Business

November 30

01:17 The 5×5 AI Framework: Advisory, Personas, Analysis, Generation
03:53 Learning the Math, Not Just the Calculator
06:45 Integrating AI Requires Setting Aside Time
08:27 Simplicity of Using AI: It’s Like a Conversation
10:09 Custom GPTs: A Powerful New Tool from OpenAI
14:35 Simple Example: Creating a Brainstorming Assistant
17:19 Jade’s Experience Building Advanced Custom GPTs
22:34 Potential of Custom GPTs for Business Applications
24:41 Process for Generating Quality BlogĀ 
31:58 Sharing a Custom GPT Persona to Improve Communication
34:51 Thoughts on AI and Intellectual Property Law
40:26 Ethical Considerations in Using AI for Content Creation
42:44 Current Legislation on AI-Generated Content Copyright
44:56 Using AI as an Editor vs. Content Generator
45:49 Setting Aside Time to Experiment with Custom GPTs